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  • BBC Radio 4's Bob Walker on the Path

    ExampleBBC Radio 4's Bob Walker has just completed a walk on the Path in Turkey, making recordings to be...

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  • Walkers from Germany

    ExampleMay 2013, and more rain than usual sees the semi-desert landscape of the Path around Urfa, greener than...

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Abraham's historic journey began with his trip to present-day Sanliurfa, where he first heard the call to “go forth from your country.” In Sanliurfa, known as “The City of Abraham,” the birth of monotheism comes to life. Explore traces of the thriving cultic sites that greeted Abraham on his arrival, from the Neolithic stone temples at Gobekli Tepe to the ruins of planetary cults at Sogmatar. Visit Harran—named in Genesis as the city where Abraham settled with his wife Sarah, and the ground of a biblical genealogy that includes Isaac, Jacob, Job and Jethro. The path in Sanliurfa winds through a series of sites and events that are spread far apart in time, but are interwoven and animated by their mythic and historic connections to Abraham.

Changing lives

Changing lives

At Abraham's Path, we encourage responsible tourism and sustainable development, making a positive impact on local communities, environments, and economies. In addition to fostering cultural connections, your visit will help create employment and generate much needed income in this under-advantaged region. To learn more about how we make a difference, visit our why page.

Trekking in Turkey

Trekking in Turkey

The Path in Urfa is a member of the Culture Routes Association of Turkey.  It consists of 170km, charted through semi-arid plateaus under bright open skies. Tailored to each guest’s interests and needs, the path highlights the city’s mythic and historical wonders, while connecting you to the beating heart of today’s communities.

Learn more about Abraham's Path

Learn more about Abraham’s Path

Abraham's Path is a cultural route that traces the Biblical journey of Abraham from his birthplace in Sanliurfa to his resting place in the city of Hebron. While the Middle East is widely seen as the most divided region on earth, Abraham’s Path points to our greater unity. Our goal is to offer the four billion-strong family of Abraham a way to replace fear and hostility with courage and hospitality. To learn more, visit